4 comments on “Now Here’s A Funky Introduction…

  1. “Bruton Music Library – BRI 21 Tomorrow’s World (1982)” brought me to your blog… Nice album & thanks for sharing it. After browsing through your blog – I ended up reading your “funky introduction”… Really nice & well written :)

    Keep up the good work… I will be following your blog from time to time!

    Cheers; DubMe

    • same here, not that exact compilation but i was searching for Interpol and BOOM i landed here in the year 2018 lmao. and i literally raided the entire BML from this blog because i’m a compulsive music hoarder especially in the light of the Net Neutrality deal about to take effect. might as well get while the gettings good.

      but anyway, i appreciate this blog; especially the fact all the links are still active and without ads and waiting. i don’t fuck with Ohio but i wanna give you hug right now no sus.

      i hope much prosperity to all your future endeavors. keep rockin, my guy.

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