9 comments on “Bruton Music Library – BRD 10 Relax (1979)

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  2. Dear Dr. Claw. I stumbled on your blog late last night. I have to say this is the best blog ever. Not only do you have some lovely Lp’s here but they are available in Flac. Amazing.
    I try to listen to about 10 to 15 new cd’s every day (new to me but always old like 60ies and 70ies)
    I’ts hard to find things i really like. But you’ve made a blog that has everything i love in one place. This is very special indeed. 61 Library records…..in perfect listening condition. Some Nice Funky stuff and real cool easy listening tunes. It’s almost to good to be true.
    So thank you for all the work you’ve put into this. I know recording, converting and uploading takes up a lot of time. U Rock sir!

  3. Relax and shades and let’s go slow all appear in the second season of the tv show knot’s landing, and some of these also feature in prisoner cell block H amongst other tv shows too.
    I think some of these tracks are lovely and amazing and I’m glad to get to hear them
    Suzie xo

  4. Interested to listen to this..heard a track or two used on the film the fog..seems very hard to find..would it be possible to get a downloadable copy from you? Kind regards Simon

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