7 comments on “Thomas McClary – Thomas McClary (1984)

  1. I was the engineer on this record. we recorded it at fiddler studios and baby-o studios. I have many stories about this project. after we mixed the album together he played it for the lady who produced the comodores. she said the vocals were too low so he always blamed me for that. I still had a great time doing this album. tommy did too. but his gofer Lester (in and out) had too much influence on him to really make a great album.

    • Very, very cool to hear from you.

      What would you say was your favorite part of those sessions? Any points at which you had a snag in recording? This seriously became one of my favorite records at first listen, and I’m always interested in hearing how many of these came about. Thomas McClary IMO, proved with his solo album, and some outside productions that the Commodores really did need his magic hand in the studio.

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