8 comments on “Dreamboy – Dreamboy (1983)

  1. This was evidence and proof of, the influence or should I say star power that Prince had, particularly in the city of Detroit. It’s so much more than a trend. It’s much more than just a moment in time where Prince dominated the music scene. This was musical style which defined a sexual, social, and personal “Revolution”, if you will (no pun intended), within the hearts and minds of people who needed to find some sort of expression. The conservative 80’s was so prudish, so preppy, and so repressed. Once the artists known as Prince had released his CONTROVERSY album, all broke loose. The 1999 album even further solidified his following in Detroit. Anyone and everyone even remotely associated with Prince was bound to get significant attention and/or record sales. Prince held the city of Detroit in the palm of his hand. So it would only behoove a performing musical group to present themselves with the exact same sound as Prince.

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