3 comments on “Chill – Chill Out (1986)

  1. Im Devrik WIlliams the Lead Vocalist and yes these were the day’s of big dreams and lots of talent and Chuckii Booker has always had all the Artist back with sacrifice . sleeping on floor in studio’s and awakening to help and lay bass lines. Chuckii is a good dude , thats why his spirit and his talent afforded him to be Musical Director for the best in the world. Lionel Richie’s Director current! Chuckii kept us looking good !! I love music and I love Chuck, devrik1@aol.com always ready ,,Tracks being cut every week , i still live in studio!!

    Devrik Williams ” Chill Out ” the world is yours !!!

    • Devrik, I just got turned onto your work today, and as a fan of music and a child of this era I truly enjoyed listening to it and as I did so I sat and wondered why didn’t find this or hear this earlier than 2017. Great Job!!!

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