8 comments on “Bruton Music Library – BRG 32 Hot Doughnuts (1985)

    • I like your LP collection man cheers for these.

      Do you have any of these to share?

      KPM 1271 – Folk Songs
      KPM 1332 – Second Sight
      KPM 1284 The Four Elements
      KPM 1262 Perception
      BRJ 25 Espionage
      BRN 5 – New Horizon/The Seven Wonders Of The World
      BRJ 7 Life Of Adventure / Video Techniques
      BRJ 24 – Earth
      BRM 9 – Survival
      BRP 6 – Evolution
      BRM 11 – Strange

      Any of those would be much appreciated

      /Greg Bowman.

  1. Wow, the first time I’ve found a complete version of this one and in FLAC no less! Many thanks to you, not-so-good Dr.

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