12 comments on “Bruton Music Library – BRI 21 Tomorrow’s World (1982)

  1. More Bastow brilliance, this of course being brother Geoff. Not heard this one before and a FLAC would compliment it superbly. Cheers DR. mg

    • Which browser are you using to access the link? I just changed the link and updated the comment. Tested on Chrome and Firefox and worked when you went to “Continue”.

      • iT WAS Chrome. I then went to Firefox and it was fine. I should have said something earlier. This sort of garbage happens or the time.

        Thanks much, Doc!

  2. Wunderbar. Im hoping to buy a majority of the Bruton catalog if not all of it some day. Thank you for posting such wonderful, timeless music!

  3. These are brilliant, thanks so much!

    Do you know what the different Bruton labels actually stand for? Like the BRI, BRH, BRD, BRM etc. I assume the first 2 letters stand for Bruton Records.

    Thanks again!

  4. I’m a new follower of yours. If you can I would love to see BRF 03 (All for laughs) and BRI 24 (Focus) in your quality. Keep up the great work, love love love it!

      • Great, thank you.
        I’ve looked up every single item, but did not find BRI 24 yet.
        I also have some tunes I’m still looking for but I have no clue what library they’re from, do you know your tunes very well? Maybe I can send you some samples and maybe you (or another visitor of your blog) know(s) what tune it is or what library it’s from.


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