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The People’s Vault is committed to bringing you, The People, what you have been wanting to hear.  Many rarities within site owner Dr. Claw’s collection among other items will be shared here; if M.A.D. receives notice that these items should be removed, they will, with either a link to where they can be purchased or an explanation for their absence. This site does not purport to be a music review blog or anything related, though the author will add a few personal notes to the items posted from time to time.

16 comments on “Site Mission

      • Stumbled onto this site while searching for Bruton Libraries to sample. I am trying to download as much library music as I can in lossless formats. I would post under each library requesting FLAC, but I figured it would be easier to ask you in a single post. Would you be willing to upload all of your FLAC/lossless libraries to a single link location? Thank you for this site & thank you for your time.

  1. Hi Dr. Claw,

    Love the site and the library music posts in particular! Thanks for sharing from your collection. Do you have Ray Russell / Keith Roberts / Trevor Bastow ‎– The Best Of Life (BRG 26)? If so, could you post it? As thanks, here’s a set of library and soundtrack funk I mixed live at a local bar last fall. Hope you like it:


    DJ EJ

  2. Man. Thanks from the deep of my heart.

    All the time you put bringing this music alive again is appreciated a lot. Peace.

  3. Thanks For Upload this awesome music, I like so much “Bruton Music Library” series. Greetings from Mexico.

  4. Just found your site… thanks for everything you’ve got on here. Will fresh links be coming for the MJ Thriller archive post?

  5. Also just came across this blog. Amazing library collection you have on here. Thank you so much for these HQ rips!

  6. When trying to download FLAC files I am taken to a site asking me to sign up for free downloads. Is this a scam? No one else mentions having to give personal details to get these files?

    • No one else has mentioned this; can you point me to an example where this occurred? Also, if you are not using an adblocker on your browser I would suggest doing so…. there could be something in your browser that is redirecting you.

  7. Thanks for your reply. I have found what the problem was and it was nothing to do with your site. Now downloading works fine. Many thanks for allowing us access to some great music. Best wishes, Steve.

  8. Thanks so much for this excellent collections <3

    Are you able to upload

    BRI 12
    BRK 4
    BRL 5
    BRN 3

    from Bruton, too?

    Thanks in advance! You rock hard, sir :-*

  9. Stumbled onto this site only recently and what an amazing treasure trove it is! You are obviously a big fan of Bruton and I wondered if you would be able to put me out of my misery and identify the slice of disco funkiness in this old ITV continuity break from Autumn 1980. It may not be a Bruton piece of course though it does have a feel of the Bastow Bros or Dee/Martin about it. The music starts at 1:40 and runs through intermittently (and sadly mostly inaudibly) till 2:56. I would be so grateful if anyone can help me!

    It also makes a brief appearance during first 13 seconds of this clip!

    Apologies if we’ve already discussed this under another guises!

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